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Ford Everest - Up to 5 Years Free Scheduled Servicing*

*The 'Up to 5 Years Free Scheduled Servicing' offer includes up to five (5) standard scheduled services (15,000km/12 months, 30,000km/24 months, 45,000/36 months, 60,000/48months and75,000/60 months) and Additional Scheduled Maintenance Items (unless required for vehicles operated under severe/unusl.81 conditions) as specified in the Customer Assistance, Warranty and Service Guide. This will be provided free to customers at participating Ford Dealers on eligible vehicles within the program timing. Customers must comply with the recommended scheduled servicing intervals.

The offer is available for the following buyer types:

  • Retail (A)
  • Business Fleet (Blue- K, Silver-J & Gold- H)
  • Privilege Club (X)
  • Dealership Employee (Y)
  • Resale of Demonstrator
Any buyer type not listed above is ineligible for the program.