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Ford Mondeo


Surround yourself with style.

The once humble wagon, a tool for tradesmen and sales representatives, is now a premium body style for Australian drivers. The all new Ford Mondeo revolutionises how the public visualises a Ford wagon. Including features such as Active Park Assist, Keyless Entry plus Start and an Aston Martin designed front grille, the Ford Mondeo can now beautifully carry more luggage than you would ever need.


With Bluetooth®* and voice control, you can keep in touch with your friends without your hands leaving the steering wheel. Change iPod tracks by simply telling your Mondeo the genre of music you feel like. But with the additon of SYNC3 your Ford Mondeo keeps you safe when you no longer can. By phoning emergency services and deploying your GPS coordinates when you are unresponsive in an accident.


EcoBoost Re-Energised

The first EcoBoost engine, was an tremendous engineering acomplishment. Cars that traditionally required 3 litre V6 engines were reduced to 2 litre 4 cyclinders without sacrificing power, yet saving you at the bowser. Now the already amazing previous EcoBoost engine has been redefined and re-energised to a meer 2.0 litre wonder, producing 149kWs in the Ambiente and 177kWs in the Trend and Titanium.

Push Here to Park

Press a button and All New Mondeo will parallel park and you don’t even need to steer. Unlike expensive camera-based systems, Active Park Assist uses sensors around the car and Electric Power Assist Steering to guide the vehicle into place. It measures the length and depth of the parking space you’ve chosen and then steers itself in, while you control the accelerator, brake and gears.